Nac5604's car wish list

1. Spyker C8

Spyker C8 Laviolette pictured.

For the C8, you can pretty much choose any version and it will be great:

  1. Preliator - The most modern of the lineup, has digitized dashboard and center console.
  2. Laviolette - The model that everyone thinks of when they’re thinking of the C8
  3. Laviolette LM85 - A track focused version of the base Laviolette inspired by Spyker’s C8 GT2-R; has a rear spoiler, a two-tone livery, and an improved exhaust.
  4. Laviolette Spyder - Self explanatory. Might be another good car to add to show off the convertible system ingame.
  5. Aileron - Basically just a facelift of the Laviolette.
  6. Double12S - Sort of a McLaren F1 GT but for the C8; Has a longtail, flared fenders, and power increase.

If you’re going for the Laviolette (which I would recommend over all the other ones) please add a car ranging from chassis no. #003 to #045, since they are the ones with the famous propeller steering wheel. The later ones have a boring Lotus or Lamborghini steering wheel that looks much less unique.

In addition, chassis no. #001 has an exclusive Pentland Green paint color, and it is owned (or at least has been worked on) by SpykerEnthusiast.

2. Callaway AeroWagen


A C7 Corvette converted to a shooting brake. This very well could be a “bodykit” option, since all it is is a different hatch piece that replaces the C7’s stock hatch. Needless to say, it’s a crazy car that no other company would dare attempt.

3. Venturi 400 Trophy (or GT)


An obscure but awesome French supercar from the 90s. I would almost call it a baby Ferrari F40, since it has half the cylinders with its turbocharged V6. No idea where you guys would even begin to obtain the copyrights for this, but a man can only dream.

There are two versions; the GT, the “base” model Venturi 400, and the Trophy, the more track-oriented model. The GT comes with a single turbo, while the Trophy has two. However, you could always add a twin-turbo upgrade for the GT instead of adding a whole new car. If I’m honest, I’d rather you guys do the latter.

All I ask is you add the version with the POP UP HEADLIGHTS!

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