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I bought the game the minute it came out and have been playing it religiously since. As you would expect I was a fairly high level,made loads of progress and spent x amounts of money on tokens for cars,tuning etc. I tried to put my profile onto my friends xbox so I could play whilst I was there. In doing this I’ve done something somehow,all my FH3 data is gone and I’ve had to start from scratch,so if I could at least get some of the cars back i.e the Hypervenom,La Ferrari,Zonda etc. as I paid for these because I’m an impatient so and so,any help would be greatly appreciated,thanx :+1:

That sounds like bad luck but you can’t expect to be compensated for user error
Good luck

Are you saying your profile has been altered on your original Xbox too, or is your save data just not appearing on your friends Xbox? Have you tried your original Xbox again?

I was under the impression that the save data that is on your HDD does NOT transfer with your profile if you use it on another console. Unless the game backs all your save data up on cloud server then it will be tied to your console only, meaning when you download your profile to another xbox, it’s your profile but you won’t have any of your stuff because it’s all on your original Xbox. Check your profile on your friends Xbox and you’ll still have all your achievements, I bet.

You should still be able to access your current save from your original xbox.


You may have been caught in a “Home console” situation when you moved to a friend’s Xbox One. Read through this information - and be careful, because you can only move a “Home console” a certain amount of times: Xbox Support

If you still have issues, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and directly speak with your localized Xbox Support for further assistance. The where and how of your account/game information is Xbox Live, not the any individual game.