My only complaint

Played for about 6 hours so far and my only complaint is that there are at times too much offroad sections in the races. Just got an r35, threw on the widebody and of course went to one of the races available to let her rip. Come to find out 10 seconds into the race that there’s a huge dip into water and a jump out. In a slammed r35 this simply does not work. I dont mean to sound braggy but im a very good driver, ive topped the top 1000 on a bunch of tracks in the motorsport series since fm4 and even i stood no chance against these obnoxious offroad sections. Somehow the drivatars that are driving the same cars as me just waltz through these sections like theyre nothing while i either roll my car or go so slow that im now in last place. I could just change my car which is why this is really just me being picky.

TLDR there are too many obnoxious offroad sections in the surfers paradise area. Leave that to the outback part. I just want some road racing.

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