My idea's for the drag strip launch timing issues

There needs to be a timing light system at the drag strips… and I am aware of the issues that came up in horizon 4 with everybody constantly breaking the lights causing them to desynchronize and not work properly. but these drag strips are conveniently set up with means of actually hang lights for us to use… for instance at the festival you can hang them straight across from the bleachers to the waiting area. and at the airport strip you can mount a single light in the center right above the doorway of the hanger inside and have it blink at one second intervals. and for the drag strip at the be ancient pyramid ruins, halfway down the strip, have it look as if someone’s up there on top of the big pyramid on the east side of the strip popping off bottle rockets that you can see flash in the distance. and you wouldn’t need to have to put anyone up there for anyone to actually see since we can’t climb up there anyways. and you can make the bottle rockets smokeless to reduce the amount of data involved in that little program…

I rarely drag others but I’m surprised this is not a thing. Good idea.

p.s. use paragraphs, otherwise people may not bother to read

Apologies but I’m doing this while at the same time playing forza so I’m using talk to text and it doesn’t Auto punctuate