My Google-Fu is weak today.... Who are some good YouTubers that can show me how to tune?

I’ve always been in love with the Forza series. I do pay for upgrades, but I never have figured out the tuning works. I haven’t seen any pins here, and I’m finding random guys making videos, but nothing clicks well. Who here should have some “must watch” videos to help us newbies out?

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stella stig is one that comes to mind

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the tuning thread in the forza 5 tuning section is very good though.

This is uncalled for. Calling people out like this on a thread in this manner does not go well within the tuning community. Yes, you do have the right to post your opinion. However be prepared to back up your statements with actionable items.

Stella Stig has done nothing but share and assist with tuning in the Forza series with positive results and outcomes. His time commitment on YouTube alone to the Forza community shows as such, including the comments from his viewers within the videos.

I am not here to attack you SM0K0ZUNA. I just do not think you should be calling people out in this manner, it is not admirable or desired within the tuning community.

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your right. i am sorry and i will leave now.

stella i called you out and i apologize, i truly mean that.

best wishes

I agree 100%, if someone is willing to help then good for you, shows the lack of maturity when your actions (or in this case lack there of) reflect on your personality, but what can you expect from someone that is only 16…good job body!!!

Yeah i agree he cant tune or drive for sh*te, he’s terrible, quite possibly the worst driver in forza ever, even if he has never claimed to be the best tuner or driver and only wanted to try and help the community to enjoy the game a little bit more by getting them involved in tuning there own cars rather than just downloading other peoples!

Im sure you already knew that though, you seem to know alot about everything already.

Enjoy the rest of your day and saving your bandwith.


I know I hurt your feelings and I shouldn’t have. I do not agree with your tuning philosophy and you do not have to agree with mine.

You didnt hurt my feelings at all, im really not that sensitive, you are welcome to your opinions as are the many other people who have found my videos helpful and increased there enjoyment of the game.

I hope you continue to help the community enjoy the game more as well with your tuning advice and sharing your overall expertise in the game.


You are a true gentleman Stella and I appreciate the kind words. I wish you the same as well. There is no reason for anyone to argue. We can agree to disagree and walk away friends. Thanks again Stella!

Many of the so called tuning videos are nothing more than the guy reading the info in the sidebar area. I do not feel people go into enough depth to help others understand tuning. When I watch videos like that I wonder if the video maker understands really how to tune himself.

You may want to sign up for some of his series races and give him a lesson how to drive, don’t you?

Grow up. This thread is about tuning not who the best driver is.

So you’re also a moderator now, hm, I’m deeply impressed lol

umm i guess everyone has their opinion …

it is my opinion and i am sorry for being blunt. Crav on the other hand is one of the greats but his videos are plagued by bad sound. the guide i posted above will get you on a good path for tuning in forza. forget real world tuning, it does not apply in forza. tuning calculators or spread sheets by anyone are garbage and do not work. most of the guys that can really tune i do not believe want to teach anyone else how to tune. they like to keep things mystic and cryptic when honestly tuning in forza is very easy. the above guide is not perfect and if you need some help just ask and i will help you. the most important thing in forza is your driving, then the car, then the build and last the tune. keep that in mind please.

I think Craviator has a youtube account and he makes tunes. Very good tunes at that.

V12 TN Eagle also broadcasts his tuning and comes up with some killer tunes.

There are others but the two mentioned above, are the only one’s I’d personally recommended.

i feel ashamed of myself for forgetting V12 TN Eagle and Craviator … i have been out of forza for only 2 months and im forgetting the people who’s rivals used to cause me nightmares …


I typically stream on twitch during the day and show how I tune…Braveheart does the same but is to modest to say. He is an excellent tuner as well.

now this is excellent information, i never dreamed when i got my xbox one i might be able to watch some of the greats tune right on my television through the twitch app. i will definitely be tuning in to watch both of you guys. popcorn time!!