My frustrations with this game

I want to respectfully as I can state my displeasure with Turn 10 and how they address my favorite game, Forza 5. Why are people still losing all of their progress? Unacceptable. Why does the game crash so often? Unacceptable. Why are we stuck at loading screens for 5 mins? Unacceptable. Why doesn’t The Ring load at all? Unacceptable. Why does the sound cut out? Unacceptable. Why are there still blatant wreckers in lobbies? Unacceptable. There’s obviously more but I think we get the picture… And there’s also a ton right with this game, for that I’m thankful. But there are some core issues that need resolved let alone addressed ASAP.

With Horizon 2 on the horizon and it’s stellar reviews I’m afraid this game is going down the path of not being addressed anymore.


Everything you said was dead on. However, its all been said before here. Its also been completely ignored too. I wonder how much these things will be ignored if Project Cars is a success and it starts to make Forza irrelevant??? I have no idea what to expect from Project Cars, but I’m hopeful. If Project Cars is as good as advertised, it may be too late for Forza to listen to their customer base. A ton of long term players are already completely bored/frustrated with Forza and won’t play it at all. Think they will bother to spend the money on Forza 6 if PC is a hit? I know I won’t. As you said, there is a lot right with the game. Its a shame that they refuse to address the problems with it though.

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I played Project Cars at Eurogamer, tbh the demo wasn’t cracking, the AI are worse than when the drivatars just rammed you all the time, plus I couldn’t turn the assists off so the car felt like it was on ice but gripped and oversteered to hell, strange I know but that’s what it felt like to me!

Its dreadfull, people who have loyally bought all forza games and dlc and we get this garbage. I lost my full game save with all races finished all my creds cars and vip cars i was level 420. I was kindly resent some vip cars and creds but had to restart. I was back to level 250 and its happened again. We should of stuck with the 360.

I had to restart at least TWICE across FM2~FM4 (0 in FM5 so far) so the problem is not new.

Yes, it sucks and yes it should not happen. It’s a low sinking feeling when you realize all of the time spent in tuning/painting cars are completely gone.

That said, I try to enjoy what I have and still had good time restarting from scratch in the past . . .

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Forza 5 has was too much oversteer with RWD cars and even AWD. It’s almost like a damn Formula D game. That’s what’s turning me off. And I got a Xbox One just for this and it’s still Formula D like Forza 4…