My feelings

Well first off I must say I’m really impressed with Horizon 2. Graphics are amazing the physics are perfect in my eyes and the car choices are exceptional. I have just a few minor concerns maybe you could take into consideration. I hope I don’t come off as a

But the share front has kind of messed up everything. Honestly there’s some good work up but not like there used to be anymore. People don’t hardly get rewarded as they should. I understand the modding 100% but if you limit the selling price to let’s say 5000 per copy noone is going to try and get 30 million from 5000$ increments.

I know I work really hard on my paint along with others and there is no real reward to it. As for the auction block that’s for the . I completely understand. It always seemed like a playground for modders. But selling cars back to the game would be nice. Truth is people can just mod saves. But don’t punish the rest because a few don’t act right. Well I hope you find my argument reasonable. And once again I love the game other than the few things there.
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Why does there have to be a reward or incentive for anyone to do anything these days? People paint cause they like to, not to get rich.

There was no reward when I was in Iraq and gave a little Iraqi boy my ziplock baggy of Oreos. He could have been the son of someone who was shooting at me the day before for all I know. Some people actually do stuff just because they like to. Some people actually volunteer at different organizions and don’t put their hand out at the end of the day. I know this sounds crazy to 98% of the world’s population though.

Rant over


Don’t get paid? i don’t know about you but 50k each day for uploading a design is nice.

I know nothing of this 50k a day :confused:

I get anywhere between 2 - 10k a day for my tunes and they rarely get used.

I explained this in another thread, but this is how it works.

You put up a tune on the store front for 50K because that’s what most people did. Now I have to spend 50k of my credits to even try out your tune. If I don’t like it, I’m out 50k and have to go buy another to try out. In the end, I’m wasting a lot of my money and you only get 50k once.

Now, imagine this new system. I understand that you have to be in the car you’re looking for and the system and interface isn’t the best, but that’s not what we’re about. Say I want to drive Joe’s tune. I can try it for free regardless of whether or not it’s good and I like it. If I like it, I’m going to use it. If I continue to use it, Joe gets money. If I don’t use it, Joe doesn’t.

It prevents people from over pricing in-game creations to make money. It pays dividends to those who create something based on other people using it and playing the game with it. This in turn promotes people actually racing and playing the game, discourages putting up what one claims to be a build or tune that just has a tire pressure change, and it discourages cheating to get money. It benefits the creator because they get paid on usage not downloads which in the long run nets them more credits. It also benefits the end user. There were several complaints regarding tunes and paints being too expensive, and cars and parts costing a lot and people couldn’t buy cars and tunes because it cost a lot. Now, the cost has been drastically reduced but I guess people will complain no matter what you do.

So I’d like an explanation as to why my paints are progressively getting used more and more every day but I get 1000 cr one day and 935 the next. I have over 100 downloads total on my work given I’m new but I don’t see anything like what you guys speak of. And this isn’t an ish throwing match its just my perspective. So let’s keep it civil. Thank you.

The simple answer is you need to get more people using your paints. Maybe get some photos in the paint section on the forums to advertise your work.

Probably best not to think much more than that - just get more people using your paints.

This new system is bad plain and simple. There is no benefit, it has all but destroyed the forza community.

You win 10,000 B Wald approval points for excellent image posting.


You’ve got to advertise your paints yourself, since (like you said) the game doesn’t really do this well.
I recommend you take pictures of your paints, and start a thread in the FH2 Fantasy or Race Paint Booth forum(s), that’ll get you some exposure. Also PM your friends and tell 'em about your shared stuff.

I got some up in the fantasy section(: