My best shots so far! [Photocomp31 winner]

I’d appreciate honest opinions! Number 3), 4), 6) and 7) are my personal favourites ever!! :smiley:

2) Photocomp31 winning picture
9) Forza 4, but a great shot :D

I really like this one

Thanks, it might be intriguing, but I am kind of annoyed by the dirt on top of the car. It’s actually water droplets but they kinda destroy the picture, IMO.

Nice work

The M5 looks amazing.

Oh, thank you! @.@

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Congrats on winning with this -

Great use of aperture.

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Thanks! When I was taking it, the aperture became really strange. It would became all out-of-focus and gross. I fixed it by using the manual focus slider.

You can fix that by pressing X when moving the camera around. Don’t do it while adjusting settings though, I’ve lost plenty of good settings by resetting them by accident.