My best made pictures

though i am a noob at making pictures in Forza, i gave it my best shot and got some (in my opinion) good shots of my favorite cars:

Ariel Atom V8 500

Car: Ariel Atom V8 500
Location: Sisteron
Pi: X:999

Maserati Ghibli

Car: Maserati Ghibli F&F
Location Main highway between Nice and Festival
Pi: S2:970

Aston Martin Vanquish

Car: Aston Martin Vanquish
Location: Le Prince De Provence (golf course)
Pi: S1:827

Abarth 595

Car: Fiat Abarth 595 esseesse
Location: San Giovanni
Pi: D:365

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Car: Ferrari 458 Speciale
Location: Castelletto
Pi: S2:980

my personal favo is the Vanquish at the golf course, but as in design i’d say the 458, all desgins are self made, the Atom V8 is in matte Carbon with gold aluminium wheels, Ghibli in Metal Flake black, Vanquish in metal flake ultra blue, 595 in gloss white with Abarth stickers, the scorpion on bonnet and rear however are not moade by me and i thus cannot share the desing, the 458 is in the regular red, but since you cannot keep the standard stickers on the car whilist adding new ones, i had to make the stripes all over again, with it #14 on front and sides. update will come soon with a few more pictures of different cars from my garage

After using some tips from OllieeOHMEDIA (thanks Olliee) i made a few cool shots…

This picture actually earned me 104k cr… i know, mind blow. I was hunting DLC cars for pictures and when i was in a race i found a Dodge Charger Daytona and a Plymouth GTX 426 HEMI, the Plymouth is hard to spot but if you look closely you can see it’s right in front of the Charger. And yes i got the 100k bonus for 320 cars captured when i made the pic.

Quite simple i’n’t it? 2 A/C Shelby Cobra 427 S/C’s perked next to eachother. It’s obvious which one is mine, but still, if there wasn’t a character sitting in the car there would still have been 2 ways to see which one is mine and which one isn’t, the flames, and the wheels… i’ll be honest; Muscle cars aren’t my favorite type of car, even though they have the best engine type in the world; the V8. but if i’d have to choose 3 Muscle cars, this would be one of them.

Sticking to the topic of my car next to a bucketlist car; voilá. still obvious which is mine but still, i have to say that, that Enzo came like it was called. A bit like: ‘‘HEY PEOPLE! CAN ENYONE BRING A RED ENZO OVER HERE? YEAH?! COOL!’’. the only problem was the fact that there was a very anoying A.I. (traffic is A.I… so deal with it ;D) charcater in a blue Ford Focus, so had to do it with a very difficult angle, but i think it worked out.

Now this is in my opinion probably the best picture i ever took, and i made a picture of a Vanquish at ‘le Prince de Provance’ or ‘the golf course’ to say the least and that was a hell of a picture. Just tell me it doesn’t look good. The fireworks, the sun rise, the S60 Polestar and a Dart HEMI SS, it’s like a scene from TopGear. Like when Clarkson drove the ‘Mulsanne’ in Albania (if you thought i wasn’t aware of the age of the Dart, '68 is a long time ago).
I gave it another try from a different angle, too bad i’m not in the Volvo, i’m behind it. it’s not a bad car, it’s just that i really like the looks of that Volvo, and tha Volvo in particular. i mean i know there are other Volvo’s that are fun, the V40 R, the 850 R, V60 Polestar, C30 Polestar. but there is just something about this particular one.

well, thats that. Great time making these pictures, i’m also glad i came across the S60, i still needed the picture for the thousand cr. ;^)
this is SNC Matthijs, signing off.