Musclecarl0ver7 car wish list

There are two cars I was excited to own, but simply couldn’t.

The first was before release, I saw the Volkswagen Beetle taxi and was really excited to own one, I honestly wanted to have many different builds using the Beetle because it’s such an icon of Mexico, but was disheartened that you can only ever get one of the regular Beetle. Having the taxi variant as a reskin of the one you get from the Vocho Horizon Story would surely be welcomed.

The other is that in Forza Horizon, I always liked to build my barn finds to be in the same style as their barn find, simply fixed up. Usually this was available as selecting certain parts, then downloading a community made livery that closely represents it, but was not able to do that with the Viper drag car, I think it would make for a brilliant Forza Edition though. I have attached a screenshot from the cutscene of attaining the Viper barn find to illustrate my point.

Thank you for any and all consideration and for your time reading this. Have a wonderful day.