Muntz Jet 1953-1953

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An interesting Convertible Luxury car produced from around 1949 to 1954.

It was based on the Kurtis Sports Car Chassis and was offered with either a 160hp V8 from Cadillac or an equivalent one from Lincoln. It was also offered with either Hyrdamatic Transmission from GM (an Automatic) or a 3-Speed Manual from Borg-Warner. With a Curb Weight of roughly 4000lbs (1800kg) the car was fairly heavy but remained agile due to its suspension and chassis construction.

The Car set itself apart from others with very smooth bodywork and a Luxury Interior that was also equipped with some relatively rare safety features such as a Padded Dashboard and Seat Belts.

198 Jets were built in total and in 1953 they sold for around $5500 each (about $50,000-60,000 today) but cost about $6500 to build meaning that entire production run lost the company an astronomical (for the time) $400,000.

The car was also very fast for the time and had a top speed of 112mph (180kph) but the Company claimed it could reach 150mph (240kph) but had no credible sources to back those claims up.

As of the current time it’s estimated that only 50 - 130 of the cars are still in existence and so they tend to command a relatively high price on Auction with values of over $100,000 being seen on Restored Vehicles as of 2016.

A 1951 Model with the Roof Down

A 1953 Model with the Roof up and a Spare Tire Carrier

An Article on the car’s interesting history