Multuiplayer function FM7 + Access to all the cars and tracks in free play mode (XBox One X)


New to the XBox gaming world.

A friend and I have both bought the XBox One X and FM7 and would like to setup multiplayer between the two of us. It’s not really clear in FM7 how to do this. We are both friends on each others XBox systems.

Is there a walk through available that shows how to setup a race so we can play against each other?

Also, in free race mode, how do I get access to all the cars on the disc? I only have the Buick GSX and I have to buy or rent the rest?


That’s how it works and always has
You either buy them or rent them

If you want to race against him go to multiplayer and then press Y to create a private match and invite him in

Someone else will have to chime in on internet play between just you and your friend. If you are trying to do it over LAN, it’s not supported.

As for car access, you play the game to build up credits to buy cars, or get cars/discount on cars as you level up your driver level. Most all cars can be rented, there’s no actual cost, but rental cars do not earn you xp or credits. Some cars are locked, cannot be bought with credits, only earned in various events.

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