Multiple points from Trial

Most of the time I’m doing 20+ Trial runs every week. Can we have option to get “extra” points for doing it repeatedly?
Not the same amount, but maybe half of the points, or even 1-2?

A better idea IMO is to separate seasonal rewards from the weekly playlist. Instead add a seasonal shop where players can purchase goods using points obtained through playing the game. Award bonus points for doing tasks on the seasonal playlist which can be done repeatatively but rewards less points each time you repeat the same challenge as you suggest. Either way it encourages players to play the game but the way they want to.

Overall trial winner gets 2 super wheelspins on the second + attempt.

Also you get a wheelspin if you are first arrived to your next venue in the Tour mode.

I’m pretty sure that is not true.
Or did you mean in Tour?
And even then how game would decide who was “winner”? I assume only “best” player would get it and not whole team.

That’s my suggestion, buddy, Didn’t say it was true.

Suggestion: In tour you travel with your team to the race destination between races… You arrive first & as the first one to trigger the destination, you get the wheelspin or whatever little prize. Maybe some cash, forzathonpoints…etc.

ohh, I see. Sorry. For me it looked like you are telling me how it looks currently.

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