Multiple bugs when playing in convoy and doing events

Hello everyone. I have experienced multiple bugs when playing online.

In particular: Im playing often with a friend in convoy and we do pvp championships together. We have met the requirements (e.g. place 2nd at the end of the championship to receive super wheel spin ) multiple times and neither me or my friend received that reward for completing it. I have experienced the same issue when playing alone the pvp championship. So, something is very wrong here and needs to be locked at asap.

Other bug is that playing a ranked adventure in convoy seems to be buged aswell. One time the game is found and we both have to accept and wait for others to accept. Then when the game is not found it searches again but this time it finds a game for me but not for my friend??? Or sometimes it finds a game for me and it finds a different game for my friend.

Another bug is when i leave an adventure. I get thrown back into solo play without reason. Sometimes this happens also when i finish an adventure ( e.g. ranked team adventure) .

Last bug i want to mention that when we join in convoy pvp championship like the one for classic rally C , 600 rating. We wait for the countdown untill the new event begins. Then we wait for a game and sometimes the game is found in different championship then the one we chosen. Other times we are again split into different games…

Bump… noone else have experienced these issues ??