Multiplayer Racing Bans need more defining; especially for new drivers

More notifications of what gets you banned are needed, and more detail on how many occurrences for “x” offense will get you banned. Is it 3, 5 or 10 people reporting you that results in a ban? Is it 3, 5 or 10 people in “x” amount of time like a day or a week reporting you?

I didn’t even know you could get banned for racing within the rules of single player racing while playing multiplayer. If I wasn’t paying attention to my messages, my behavior might have continued resulting in a ban that would have seemingly come from nowhere.

The jump to multiplayer is unlike anything that you can prepare for racing against the AI even on the highest difficulties. While I’ve played plenty of games like Need for Speed, I’ve never sim raced or ever done multiplayer racing of any kind since Mario Cart for the N64. I am new Forza and new to sim racing, but I know I’m not alone in this fact. With the addition of Forza to the gamepass, many other fledgling sim racers like myself are dipping our toes into the water for the 1st time, and we gotta say that is chilly :wink:

How do you smoothly transition into multiplayer
racing without playing mutliplayer racing? Many would probably say just get better offline then you’ll be fine.

Well, before I played multiplayer, I of course finished the Driver’s Cup, and I also put in 10 times that much racing into D-Class hot laps via Rivals. I’m able to run top 100 D-Class lap times on every track I’ve tried to so far, and even have a #1 time on the leaderboard. I did get lucky to find low hanging fruit, and I got lucky to post the lap time I posted for sure; however, I think it’s enough to make my point that I can drive D-Class well enough to take on multiplayer.

My 1st session online I was messaged twice about being reported for dirty racing and/or ramming. My 2nd session I got another 2 nasty messages that I will not repeat, but no mention of reporting. In my 3rd session, I got only 1 message of hate, so I’m improving, but it’s a learning process. Learning the nuisances of racing etiquette will take time, so knowing what will get you banned and what won’t would be nice.

I have to recondition +30 years of racing against AI vehicles where their cars were used as breaking bonuses entering corners, cornering bonuses while in them, and inanimate objects while outside of them. It’s going to take more than a handful of races to rid myself of those unconscious habits associated with video game racing.

All I’m asking for is a clean definition in order to prevent any racing withdrawal considering Forza = Crack ever since I fell down the rabbit hole that is sim racing. I’d love to hear anyone else’s journey through multiplayer as a noob.