MULTIPLAYER - Race starts with warm tyres

Looking elsewhere on FM6 discussion there are lots of ideas from people around improving multiplayer.

Whilst this might not be a real game changer i think it would cut down on some collisions early in a race caused by handling a car with cold tyres and the effect it has on grip going in to that first corner

I doubt that, i think people have just lost the ability to use their thumbs properly :slight_smile:

I think the issue with crashes in the opening turns of the race is not one of tyre heat, but rather the fact that you have several cars going for a gap that can only fit 2 at best. There’s also the snowball effect of a minor collision sending a driver into another car, which then ends up in a 5-car pileup.

Also from my experience, tyres on a RWD car are adequately warmed up within 30 seconds; a FWD car fakes a little longer.

Possibly- but on the doubt it train as well, I’m afraid.

Yes there is a slight difference but I don’t think it’s that big of one. I think it’s people not paying attention and poor reaction times. Speed limit 55mph but car infront of you is doing 35. A lot of the person in multiplayer when extrapolated out into this scenario would hit the car doing 35mph

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Frankly I think it makes sense for any race under 5 laps, whether it’s in multiplayer or career, to start with warm tires.


What would also help to avoid first turn pile-ups is wider spacing on the starting grid. Often, the cars are so bunched on the first turn, crashes are unavoidable.
Don’t get me wrong, things would still get hairy, but it would alleviate some of the congestion to a degree…

Idiots and noobs aside, one of the major contributors to first corner mayhem is the massive disparity in vehicle performance, mainly braking and entry speeds. Too many players set up cars for acceleration and top speed but forget to add a little handling.

What you mean handling???..I need power, more pOwER more speed…left trigger for sissies…j/k

Totally agree with you.

Lapped traffic always makes me nervous, which is why I make sure to give them a wide berth

It makes a lot of sense, as said, for shorter races.

As for contributing to first turn pile ups, pro’ly not so much. In a three lap race, the driver who leaves the first turn, in the lead, has a massive advantage over the rest of the field. Many people who are good honest drivers, know this, and many, may suspend their good driving habits until the field is through the first set of turns.

The real solution is for longer races with drivers having similar skill levels. My friends and I are all of similar skill levels, and as we did have done for fifteen years, once we learn the new tracks better, build our garages, and really start tweaking and fine tuning our cars, we will move to much longer, much more competitive races, full damage. We restart if there is a legit pile up within the first lap or two, but only once. We race for points and bragging rights. The races are fun, and because they are longer, and with with full damage, the races are pretty mild in the first lap. We try to make them last 45minutes to an hour, or at least one pit stop, We go hard from the flag to flag, but that first lap, and that first set of turns are taken well within all of scope of talents. It is a long race, and there will be plenty of time for passing. Building consistency lap to lap, and race to race is key. We run a lower class race on the “club circuit” then a full blown, number plates only race (GT3, GTLM, Classic GT, unlimited, Indy, F1 etc.).

The weekly winner gets treated to a very nice lunch; the season winner gets the pot (usually about $100 to $200 depending on the cars and the season length). The one driver above our skill level takes a handicap in either laps, or car performace index (we know what lap times he makes, and we make, so it easy to handicap him). He wins a lot, but we then go get revenge in Gears of War.

The real key to reducing those pile ups, is getting drivers of similar skill together in each race, and having longer races.
Qualifying would also help. That or enabling grid order by your hot lap.

That sounds like an absolute blast.

The faster of us, also know to get out of the way of the “first turn” guys, let them take the lead out of the first set of corners, then real them in, and watch them fold under pressure.

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