Multiplayer is just following a green/red line

Pretty boring experience of who can match the green/red line the best like a moving guitar hero game. Everyone following the same line, auto braking, and assists up the yang is pointless and the opposite of racing. Theres a reason the lobbies are dead after a month. Also, they usually fragment the lingering community via 100 different lobbies. Im not racing against modded out dune buggies and vw vans. Stock racing with zero assists. Just the way God intended. Oh and no 100 loading screens.

The game will be hyped as hell, sell a ton, and will be a ghost town in 2 months. FH5 is a driving game, not a racing game. Thats why its still very popular.

Driving experience vs racing experience. It better be more than driving in a circle with no radio.


The first time someone races me with a modded out dune buggy or ridiculous mod, im out. I aint driving around in a circle following a line chasing a 200mph VW bug. Ill just wait for the next horizon. Hope forza motorsport has an idea with music/dj and the whole bit. Hearing the same 4 octaves of a engine over and over and ill die for real

So you don’t like track racing? Is that the point? :confused:

I’m not surprised you don’t like it if all you do is play ‘Simon says’ with the racing line, that’s the easiest way to lose unless you’re playing against equally casual players.

You’ll notice if you ever see pros race, they don’t even have the racing line enabled. The racing line is the geometrically correct line, but it doesn’t get as close to the apexes as possible and it doesn’t account for early or late apexes for better runs down the following straights.

Not to mention when racing with other players you need to take different lines to overtake, defend from overtakes, and generally play to your cars strengths if your opponent is faster on the corners or straights. For example, if you have a car about to overtake, you’d better commit to the inside line to prevent a dive bomb and force them wide.

If the game isn’t for you, that’s fine, but forza motorsport is fundamentally about track racing, you can always play horizon.

This comes across as a bit of a gatekeeping argument in my opinion.

While driving without any assists is a lot of fun, it is also challenging for many players, and even impossible for some depending on their hardware configuration, physical ability etc.

Racing is for everyone, and if you want to race in a particular way I’m sure you can create/find a sub community that likes to race the way you do, and race with them.

Ultimately, Turn 10 isn’t making a racing game for “you” (the individual) but one that millions of people can potentially enjoy, and in order to do so it must accommodate players of all skill/ability levels.