Multiplayer Drivatars Are Brick Walls

In Custom Multiplayer Lobbies We Are Having A Number Of Drivatar Cars That Are Brick Walls.
They Plow Right Through You No Matter Where You Are On The Track And Other Drivatars As
Well. We Tried Slamming Into Them And It Is Just Like Hitting A Brick Wall. I Have A Number
Of Videos Of This Happening And Just Seeing If Anyone Else Has Encountered This Or If Turn 10
Is Working On A Patch For It.

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I have encountered this in career mode. They will tap me and I fly off the track like crazy, but if I bump them, they don’t move and I will spin out a billion times.


I Haven’t Met This On Career. Has Anyone Else Brought This Up On The Forums?

I’m able to PIT maneuver drivatars in career mode, so no brick walls there. I would never do this on multiplayer though with real people, and haven’t played against drivatars in multiplayer anyway.

I am seeing this all the time in PRIVATE LOBBIES, whilst in SINGLE PLAYER I can’t say I have had any real issues. I have reviewed and saved replays after events and can clearly see AI cars driving UNDERNEATH, THROUGH, MERGING DURING CRASHES, with human and AI controlled cars. The collision detection has big issues, especially with crashes, the car that hits you looks it it travels right through your cart. I have some examples I can share but can get a lot more. WHY can’t I just attach an IMAGE to this post?

AI are impervious to being wiped out, this is NOT my style of driving but my colleagues were so frustrated in the PRIVATE LOBBIES I set up they got RAGE and tried to and could not, HUMANS always come off worse, whilst the AI’s survive any ordeal? They are in many cases UNMOVABLE OBJECTS in their own world.

Please focus on this as a MAIN ISSUE, it’s very frustrating and a lot of your biggest purchasers of this game rely on PRIVATE LOBBIES for a CLEAN RACING FIX.

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King Lizzard I Agree With You 100% It Ruins The Whole Aspect Of The Private Lobby Experience. My Friends And I Used To Be Able To Do Multi Class Racing And Now We Can’t. We Stick To The Same Class Cars Now. I Have Also Been Running Into The Issue Now When We Finish A Race It Disconnects Us And We Don’t Get Any Money Or XP Which I Have Saved Gameplay Of This Happening. Have You Ran Into This As Well?