Multilayer Question

If I block someone, can they still join a lobby. Or can I join a lobby that they are in?
Someone recently told me that if I block him, the jokes on me because whenever he’s in a lobby, if i try and join, the matchmaking system won’t allow us in the same lobby???
It doesn’t sound true, but if it is, by blocking him I’d be limiting the number of available lobbys to join. And I’m already struggling to find lobbys sometimes because I’m not on at peak times.
I just want him to stop messaging me every 5 mins. Please let me know so I can decide whether to block him or not. If blocking him doesn’t affect whether I can not join a public lobby then I’ll block him straight away

unfortunately there is conflicting information on this topic

The xbox itself tells you that the two of you will not be matched up in a lobby but other people have suggested it is only a communication block

There should be two options…a block that affects matchmaking and a communications block because sometimes you don’t even want to play with someone because they’re consistently dirty. Others times you just don’t want them to contact you. Maybe someone else has an answer to this question ?

i thought this was going to be a thread about designing liveries and painting and stuff.

Mute, Block and Report it’s the only way cheats and haters can be removed from the lobbies you use because if everybody actually chose to take actions on these people they would ultimately be consigned to lobbies filled with the same cheats, haters and noobs. If someone is communicating with you using threatening or abusive language Turn 10 takes this seriously so report it as a communication violation and save the messages to back up your report then block them and hopefully you can get back to enjoying your racing. Brake Late, Accelerate Hard & Enjoy Your Racing.

Just an update…days after blocking this user, I hadnt seen him in a while and i used to see him everyday. But today he was paired to the same lobby I was in. I checked he was still blocked and he was. So it seems blocking mainly affects communication, not matchmaking. But there maybe some algorithm that tries to keep us apart as much as possible, unless there aren’t any other options in which case you may find yourself racing with someone you have blocked.