Multi-million cars

What car should I buy with a max budget of 10 million? I’m thinking about a 250 GTO, a P4 or a 250lm. As you can see, I like Ferraris.

I like all 3, but I’m biased.

I think the P4 is the best looking. It doesn’t have an engine swap, though. 545 hp max, I think. It starts as a good handling A car, so race builds are limited. It’s either a good handling A car for tarmac circuits, or an S1 car decent on some tarmac circuits, but probably at fewer than when it’s in A class. I saw one in Rivals at Three Bridges that looked strong. I forget if it was in A or S1, but it has some potential.

The 250 GTO and LM have more options and are probably more competitive in more events in A and S1 classes, . Not the very best in class, but but both can be very good. I think I did Rainforest Circuit in better than 1:00.000 in an S1 250LM this past week. I’m not able to do that in S1 cars much. And the GTO is probably the most versatile of the 3.

Do you know the max hp for the other 2?
Also, What about the alfa 33?
Thank you very much

They both have the 4.5L V8 swap from a 458 Italia so it’s 914 hp for both.

The Alfa 33 doesn’t have an engine swap so it’s something like 510 hp. It’s lighter than the P4 so I think it does better in S1 than the P4. In A class, because of the cost of tires, it’s either a rocket build or extreme handling build. I think I like it better in S1.

Ok thanks. I will probably go with the 250lm as it is the cheapest and looks to be a good investment. And again, thank you.

To me …the sweetest Ferrari is the 1957 California 250GT convertible…first of all…it is a convertible …second it has a vintage look instead of the usual , flip up lights and four tail lights that define Ferraris of the 80’s and 90’s…even some 70’s models…it is a beautiful car!

Of the three, I like the 330 P4 best, in terms of looks.

I bought the p4 it’s an awesone car. In the last fh and fm, the stradale 33 was really good too.
And if you didn’t win the 250 lm during forzathon, it’s a really really good one !

I bought a 250LM in the Auction House for 1m flat. And hardly any 250 GTOs sell for less than 8m on the Auction House, so if I had the budget I’d go for the 250 GTO, so long as the “Made to Order” perk is activated.

If anyone wants a great deal on the Ferrari 250LM I just listed one on the Auction House for a starting bid of 1 mil credits. For more info, see my thread in the FH3 Sellers Marketplace or search my gamertag Hurricane221798 in the Auction House. Thank you.

I think the 250gto is the most versatile car of those listed.

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250 GTOs and Shelby Daytonas. Plus, I have a paintjob from Horizon 2 for the Daytona that (attempts) to make it look like a 250 racer. And the Shelby is only 8m in the Autoshow.