Motorsport vs Horizon

I prefear FM7, even with game pass I just played few hours in FH4, I can’t deal with the fact that you have to swap to all wheel drive every car in order to be competitive…

Yes, I am. Are gamepad controllers not supported in FM7? I thought they were.

It’s an issue of road design, freeroam rush requirements, amplified cornering grip, and primitive, ****-retentive steering algorithms that make opposite lock harder to manage than it should be. That said, I have a few RWDs that regularly do ok. Picking cars with 45% or less front weight is a good start.

Of course FM7 supports controllers but you clearly aren’t going to have the same experience compared to someone who uses a wheel. The game is meant to be played with a wheel. That tiny 3/4" throw on your thumbstick is stretched out over 900 degrees of rotation on a steering wheel, just like a real car. That’s why the game seems slow & drawn out to controller users; wheel users are busy wrestling the car & spinning the wheel around at 200mph learning (close to) the actual physics of their vehicle, while controller users are simply moving their thumbstick half an inch in either direction - whoopee!! I’d be bored too.

Another massive point to the opinion about FM7’s courses being boring/dull:
FM7 courses are gorgeous and have a million times better graphics than FH4 does on its best day. In FM7 (much like real race car driving) you are suppose to start on smaller courses and learn them like the back of your hand; memorize the track; know the number of corners; know how fast you can hit each corner while maintaining control, etc. This is how you progressively get better at racing sims, and this is what real drivers do in pro racing circuits. Pros can visualize the track perfectly without having to look at a map, they know which corner is coming and what speed to hit it at before they reach it.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that NO online racing game is fun when you are racing random live players with ‘collision’ turned on. Absolutely every race is a nightmare filled with cheaters & bumper cars. The only way this game mode ever works is if everyone in the lobby is friends with each other and they pre-agree to race fair. Otherwise turn ‘collision’ off immediately if you want a fair shot at all.

Most enjoyable playing method for each:
FM7 = steering wheel, sim racing
FH4 = controller, casual play

If you looking for racing you better stay with GTS.

Speaking of “bugs”. I will be playing not even 2 minutes into FH4 and it either freezes or stops and goes back to the introduction. What’s up with that? In all my years of having Playstations, I never had that happen. So I am going to take the advice given on here and buy Motorsport but I am going to go for 6, not 7 because I am a little broke.

The stability was very poor when FH4 was first released, but it has improved a lot, I’m certainly not experiencing that level of instability now. I think the game has crashed for me maybe once in the last 50 hours of playing. I agree the whole Xbox system is annoyingly unstable compared to Playstation (I’ve owned all 4 PS generations), it’s more like a locked down Windows PC than a true rock solid console.

FM6 isn’t bad if you have an Xbox One S. If you have the One X, the 4k graphics in FM7 are a big step up (even with a 1080p display, it being downsampled from 4k makes it a lot better than FM6). With FM6, you’ll also miss out due to it not being current, e.g. you won’t be taking part in the FM7 Bounty Hunter rivals, which are about the only thing that makes me run it up these days.

What in the world are you rambling on about flea? That didn’t make any sense at all.

Forza is “too difficult”. Real life is not nearly so painful, unless you have no experience. There is nothing about Forza that makes it more intuitive with experience, it’s obtuse for anyone and everyone.
Edit: Specifically, “beyond the edge of grip”. Forza works, beautifully, within specific operating ranges, but it falls apart quickly, beyond them.

Go watch Andy Hately’s video of his drift tune for his E30 replica in FM7. 650/150 springs… 265 305 tires… 53/17 downforce, because those are the minimums set by Forza? Sims don’t work like that. Look at him sawing the wheel back and forth. I’m NOT saying it’s HIS fault, quite the contrary. Has our Pro2 driver with a $2k sim racing setup forgotten how to drive? Or is the game fundamentally incapable of simulating high slip-ratios/angles accurately? It should be clear. Consumer-level simulators are still finding their way. People have been developing real-world tire and damper tech for the better part of the last century. The internet only appeared 1/4 of a century ago. Now that almost all information is free to travel and research is easier than ever it’s a matter of time before leaps are made. That’s the only reason I know 80% of what I do. That said, I’m not doing the legwork to make those leaps happen, I’m simply saying, I won’t lie to you or myself, this is not the peak of it. Forza has always been a circuit racing game. Drift suspensions and professional drift replicas put new pressures on the physics. So does the demand for 900+ deg. wheel support. I told someone in another post, it took 11 generations and 13 years before Forza implemented decent FFB. Maybe in development they are already where I hope they are, and in 1-2 years we consumers will have access to physics, natural enough any of the FD drivers can sit down with a sim rig, set their car up like their real car, and use all the same reflexes in the same places, without any surprises or hacky tunes.

I want to have a comfortable, working relationship with the cars in any game or sim or it’s not worth playing. I feel no love drifting* in Forza. Any amount of opposite lock, enjoyment out the window.

P.S. Especially on gamepad. I remember GT5’s steering algorithms were so much better, even with their limitations, and slippery physics to deal with. And no fake “yaw assist” to cover other shortcomings.

I wish the game would ditch this ‘yaw assist’ - it really is frustrating in both games to have this ‘on rails’ control even with assists off and sim steering on. You’d think you have 1:1 control of the steering but yuo don’t. extremely frustrating.

The entire collection for Forza Horizon 3 is on sale right now for $35.00, if you have a Gold subscription.