Motorsport 6 "Thru the Pack" boost

Hello all. There’s a fairly big (21) group interested in getting the 24-player online win achievement, “Thru the Pack”. No session is currently set up for it but as it’s very close to the required number I thought I’d post here and see if anyone is willing and/or interested in joining. Please let me know and I’ll give an invitation to the Xbox chat. In particular - big ask, I know - if anyone has run one and would be willing to assist in that way, well, that’d be most excellent. I’d be a terrible organiser as I have almost no executive functioning ability. TTFN!

The servers for FM5and FM6 have been down for a few weeks. I haven’t been able to find any info on it. I’ve been trying every day. Was trying to mop up a few achievements but no luck. No multiplayer, no rivals, no drivatar rewards.

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thanks for replying

I posted this then went to TrueAchievements and noticed a couple of of comments to that effect. It’s been like that before, patchy for M5, H2 and M6 when H3/M7 and later are fine. It’s come back, though, but of course that might not mean anything. I was at 324/325 multiplayer wins in M5 and was doing 325 when the server died last year. Took a couple of months if I remember rightly.

Fingers crossed . . .

I’m on TA, too. Had a session set up for 2 online achievements. I really hope the servers come back online. Have a couple inH2 as well. Good luck to us both!

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I just logged in and it looks like the servers are already up!

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@Grumpy0lLady @Leogamer451

hope you don’t mind my asking but are you able to help with this 24-player achievement?

I don’t have enough time, sorry bro

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