Motivational Help (From Massive Forza Fan!)

Hi all hope everyone is doing well.

My names Adam and i love love love Forza Motorsport and the Horizon series and so close to Tier 14 Forzahub, reason for my post today is I am looking for some motivational tips and all to help with my progress through Forza Motorsport 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 then back to 1 and hoping to complete by when the next Forza game is released.

My First Forza was Forza 3 with black Xbox 360 back in 2009 or so, and all dlc and i unfortunately deleted my original save file and are missing some unicorn cars too ahhh (idiot) and then played Forza 4 and all dlc which is amazing by the way ( Have achievements on both to finish up 4 is pretty easy wont take long.) 3 is worse because I’m starting again. Then from Xbox 360 i went to PS4 and came back into Xbox around Forza 7 and had S now have a X, Finished Forza 7 loved it played it heaps and heaps and heaps (50,000+ kilometers driven and all career mode completed own all cars etc, again have all dlc etc.) also had Forza 6 just before Forza 7 and played that too and own all dlc, was around Tier 8 when Forza 7 came up now closing in on Tier 14. Then i went back and bought Forza 2 and 1 sadly no dlc for Forza 2 missed out :(. Then Forza 5 was free with gold so i have that and all dlc was on sale and with Forza 5 i was originally level 160 odd and had terrible internet and it was Syncing and my internet dropped out so i lost my save and had to re start ( currently level 58 and trying to get motivated to grind it again and complete all races etc). At the moment i have been spending alot of time in Forza 2 brilliant game as i was late to this and enjoying going through career mode and time trials.

Also with what’s happening in the world and lock down restrictions in Victoria i figure now is the time to knuckles down and really get racing, well trying to just some days are hard for motivation, especially with Forza 5 :frowning: Plus other games need love too and Horizon 4 i play every week ( Day one ultimate edition and level 20 odd 4 (Star) prestige at the moment.). Also have all Horizons and all dlc and go back to Horizon 3 and 2 sometimes. Also have Forza 6 apex on gaming laptop too.

Just would like some tips on how to finish this and it seems like a daunting task and there is a lot of racing to do and I MEAN ALOT :S I also love cars and racing games.
So i would like to finish up Forza 2, then go to Forza 3, Forza 5 then back to Forza 4 then leave Forza 6 till last as I love the menu music and I am pretty far into Forza 6 ( started Forza 6 around Forza 7)

So thank you to anyone who reads this or wants to add support or any ways i can structure this, i do have the time during the day to do this and does help during lock down :frowning: