Most popular online lobbies.

I assume 'C" and ‘A’ class since they are the first ones to pop up in the hoppers list?

Just curious if there is a list of the most and least popular classes people select in online play.

I haven’t seen a list but it seems like R and S are always full. I spend most my time in the ABC’S Multiclass since it shuffles you around to different classes and the racing has been cleaner in there. If not there then I like Forza GT. The P lobby seemed to have the most incapable drivers.

Even when everywhere I’m finding lobbies with 3-4 people A class lobbies always seem to be near brimming. Regular A class, not the no- collisions.

I have mostly been playing in the C and the ABC’s lobby,both seem to fill up well.

No collision A hopper always has a crowd.

GT hopper!

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P class lobby has been really busy this week.