Mosler Auction help

I’m on xbox, with FH4 on an external HD, no previous issues. GT is KeepEmRolling. On 12/30/18, approximately 1120pm, I won a Mosler X999 for a buyout of 458K. I had 547 cars in my garage at the time. It took my credits, showed me as the winning bidder and I got the pop up message that I successfully claimed the car and it had been added to my garage. When I went to my garage, the car isn’t there. I reset my xbox then and again this morning and the car still isn’t there, although my total garage count was 548. Ive removed a couple cars, but thought limit is 550, and I’ve never had this issue in any Forza title that has an AH. Any help would be appreciated.

Sent a ticket in last night and this morning I had the Mosler waiting in my gift tab. Thank you for such prompt resolution to my problem!

everyone got sent one due to issues involved with the gifting from winning it lol
So your issue still hasnt been solved