More Chrysler Shenanigans.. they want 93 rare Vipers crushed...

As the article states, they want 93 rare vipers like the one in the video, crushed because 2 managed to get out on the road…

Ffs -.-

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Couldn’t agree more Midget!!

Uh No, leave em alone, you can’t just order gifts you gave out to be destroyed, you gave that right up the minute you gave the car to the school. Now, I don’t think that Chrysler should have been sued, it wasn’t necessarily their fault, more the schools who let them out, but they shouldn’t be able to destroy them after they gave them away.

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Actually they can. Gift is a misinforming word that every article is using. Think of it more as a loan. Chrysler gave these cars to schools to use for the education program coupled with contracts that say “Chrysler still owns the rights to this vehicle. It can’t be driven on the streets, it can’t be sold, and if they recall it to return to Chrysler, then we must hand it over.” - A guy in the automotive program at the University in Washington State who has one of these Vipers.

My friend goes to the university in Washington State that has these and I asked him about it. He isn’t in the automotive program but has a roomate who is. What I put in quotes is quoted from him.

The reason they are crushing is because they are now considered illegal with all of these stupid road emissions requirements. I thought that cars that were this way when they were made in production long ago wouldn’t be effected, but I was wrong. Why can’t they just do the same thing people do to guns? Cut a hole in the barrel (for cars, make it to where the engine is un-fixable without a serious and expensive fix) and make them show pieces in museums. That or give them without any of the mechanics (just the shell/chassis/frame to colleges/universities and let them build project cars for their automotive programs? I don’t see why Chrysler is being so lazy about this and just destroying these $250,000 cars instead of destroying the mechanics and selling them to make profit or give them away at least.

I go to NTI and took part of the Ford FACT program and had that exact question answered. It’s not because of the fact that cars from that period are emissions legal anymore, because they technically still are actually legal, but because of the age. When you look at the stats, the vast majority of running day to day vehicles out on the road these days are between 10-15 years old. Different manufacturer for this example, but case still rings true. I’ve got much higher odds that when I go to the dealership that I’ll work on numerous late 00’s to early 10’s model Fusions, Focuses, Explorers, and what ever else Ford has come out with in the last 15 years before I even see a 1993 Mustang come into the dealership for work, and even then, it sure as hell won’t be me touching it lol. Thought I’d share some information with you on that. Sucks what Chrysler is doing though, but doesn’t surprise me. We’ve got a Roush Mustang in our shop that’s destined for the same thing when Ford decides to take it away from the school.

That kind of money is chump change for a large multinational corporation like Chrysler. The cost in terms of legal liability (because they still own the cars) is quite high, however. If anyone wants to get mad at anybody, get mad at ambulance chasing lawyers that would go after Chrysler in oppose to the school simply because Chrysler has a bigger purse.

Dear ol Indian Giver Chrysler. I’m losing more and more respect for this company lately.

(if the phrase is offensive mods, feel free to edit it out, I only mean it by the direct definition not racially at all)

Just to be clear, Chrysler didn’t give the cars because they were being nice. They get a tax break for the value of the cars by donating to a nonprofit (in this case a school). If there was no tax incentive involved they would have crush the cars long ago, there is no point to keep them since they can’t be sold.

And you miss the point entirely. It isn’t even about them being sold. It’s the fact they’re getting destroyed when them sitting where they do, harms no one. Or, getting put into a museum, or otherwise. I won’t even continue my thoughts on this as this whole thing makes me highly irate. Chrysler should be getting their throats cut (metaphorically) over this, not defended. I’ll leave it at that.

How does the cars sitting where they are supposedly harms “no one” when Chrysler is legally liable for everything that happens to those cars? If a student takes the nonstreet legal car and wrecks it killing himself and others in the process, the lawyers don’t go after the school, they go after Chrysler. And considering that two cars WERE wrecked I think it is quite fair that Chrysler’s legal team thinks it’s a real possibility.

As I said in another thread GM destroyed the 300 (?) or so preproduction Corvette C7s in their test fleet. Most manufactures destroy their preproduction cars, usually in crash testing. How many automotive museums are there to donate 93 of the same car? Frankly, be outraged if you want to, but I don’t consider this a big deal. The only real bad news here is that a bunch of schools miss out on their students learning on a high performance sports car because a couple of idiots couldn’t be responsible.

I shall, thanks :slight_smile:


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Cool, as I said this happens all the time, just check out the story of the '83 Vette.

But whatever, go your own way. Next week I sure there will be a new travesty. Perhaps, it might even be important.

Quit being an apologist, that’s what these political correctness jerks want. Leave apologies to the commies. As far as the whole Chrysler thing, it is ridiculous.
I can’t believe they would want to do that. You would think that a car manufacture that had needed to be bailed out would at least appreciate the money.

How much money can be made on a car that can’t legally be sold? …This is not a trick question.

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OMG! What a load of crap! That’s just downright horrible for Chrysler to tell them they have to destroy them. Ugh! Never liked Chrysler as a company, but this is just distasteful. Shame on you Chrysler!

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… no

Sounds like it is time to get 93 vipers “Gone in 60 Seconds”

That’s not why they are crushing them. These cars are prototype vehicles, never meant to be driven on public highways(that’s why car manufacturers have proving grounds). They do not have the required safety features necessary to receive vehicle certification such as body reinforcement, ABS brakes and traction control features. Every car manufacturer has them, they are actually called “crushers”.

A few of these prototypes may wind up in the Chrysler or Viper museum, but not ninety of them. These schools signed off on them when they received the cars. How many times do you think these vehicles have been rebuilt since the 1990’s? They can’t really be considered original. Back in the day, a few of these vehicles may have wound up on racing teams for use solely on closed race courses, but these days, anyone with enough money to buy a 93 Viper can afford a lawyer as well, it’s not worth it to Chrysler to take that risk.

Nothing wrong with Chrysler, it’s lawyers you should blame.