Monthly Rivals not available

Bug Info: Monthly Rivals cannot be entered from either the Seasonal Playlist or the Monthly Rivals menu. When the game attempts to load a rival, it fails and displays dashes in place of the rival’s time. It is not possible for the player to proceed to enter the Rivals event. Occasionally, the Monthly Rivals events do not even display in the Seasonal Playlist, but may appear again after the game is rebooted or the menu is closed and reopened.

Platform: PC (Win 10, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One X tested, presenting the exact same behavior

Edition: Premium

Account: Solo

PC GPU: Irrelevant

Peripheral: Irrelevant

Settings: Irrelevant

Xbox Settings: Quick Resume disabled, Shutdown enabled

Attempted fixes: The game was played on two different platforms (PC Win 10 and Xbox One X)

Content Update: This happened following the Retrowave update

yes it happens again…


Happening to me as well. Standard FH5, Steam Version

EDIT: It just loaded for me, the servers were probably down or very slow

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I can’t get Rivals at the moment - UK - anyone else experiencing difficulty?


I’d say the answer is very much yes. There’s a ton of people who have the same issue. For me the Monthly Rivals even disappears completely from the Seasonal Playlist.

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oh, okay, someone offering Microsoft some remote IT assistance maybe

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Yeah…what kinda experience does Microsoft have with IT anyway…
On topic - It’s all over the place for me, auction house, Event Lab, rivals…

We need more Hamsters… !!

just got into one in the last minute

second one a few minutes later

Rivals can not be entered for some reason, from the festival playlist if you are in the any of the festival sites, or in any of the houses, so you have to go into free roam, pause the game, and then into the festival playlist from there, and then it usually works, at least for me on xbox one x, i see that may not be the only issue, but at least one bit of help.

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