Monthly Forzathons

So are we not doing the monthly VIP and Car Pass Forzathons anymore? I only see the Monthly Races and the weekly challenges.

You know I just bought VIP and Car Pass last day of April and completed the monthly challenges to get those credits. Then May 1st I was surprised to see they were gone… Sick :frowning:

Hopefully it’s some mistake and they will re appear after the May update arrives…

That’s one possibility. Another is that they’re deliberately waiting until after the 7th to enable them, because they contain some detail that they’re not ready to reveal.

I’ve been doing them since launch, pretty much, so if they’re discontinued, so be it. Though I do sympathize with folks like yourself who only recently bought the add-ons. And if that’s the case, an announcement ahead of time would have been nice.

Hopefully that’s the case. Few more days we will know :slight_smile:

Hmm, new update is here but no Forzathon for VIP/Car Pass. I guess they are done with those then. What a great timing to me… :frowning:

Yeah, there was a mention in the bounty hunter thread that this would be the last bounty hunter too. I think maybe they’re starting to wind down.

End of the road for FM7? Check with the oddsmakers in Vegas.