Month from premiere and huge dissapointments


Okay, so for the start i want to apologize for my english but i think you will get the clue of my thread.

Its month from premiere so its a good time to sum up some things. For the start, game was 9/10 for me but after whole moth of playing as “ultimate” copy owner my mark droped down to 6/10. I played a lot of FH3 (something about 80 hours) and in FH4 i have something around 30h. Im more competetive player than casual. For the start, things that i like in Horizon 4:

-Emoticons and avatar customization, its pretty fresh and i like it. If you dont like it, you can easily ignore it. For me its fun.

  • Team rankeds. For all of you it could be a little controversial but let me explain. I noticed, that players FINALLY get it, there is less amount of rammers than in FH3 BUT there thing is more complicated. I will explain it later.
  • Amazing tracks
  • Skills trees on cars
  • Game is easier. Freeroam is less frustrating (less thing to hit) and there is fewer cases when u can lost your sick skillchains. Cars handling is simpler (+125% CR player here on Elite controller) and its more fun to play and riding around
  • Bots on “Unbeatable” are easier. In FH3 they were STUPIDLY fast on corners. In FH4 they fix that.
  • Seasons are ok, fresh touch.

Now things that i hate and i noticed, and Polish Community in our official Facebook group.

  • Long time to get into ranked/multiplayer. Are you serious? Its get stupidly long! Where is the reason to wait so long when at all i get into non-classified players? We are already month from premiere and you still dont fix it, thats a shame
  • My +125% CR rank gives nothing in FH4 in multi. I could easily win adventure in FH3 ending in the middle, now its more complicated because of team-only rankeds.
  • Hendicap. Its impossible to win match playing 6 vs 4 (if you are in more numeroes team). If i with my friend end up on 1 and 2 place, we get 450 and 400 points its impossible to win with [Mod Edit - D] in your team because 3, 4 and 5 place get 400 points. I lost a lot of games like that, and win a lot. Playing in less counted player team is easier, because only bad players rage quiting and you get more points.
  • Second problem, game not updates score points when someone leave in race. 3 of your teammates can leave so you are playing 6 v 3 by rest of the race and there is no way you can win it.
  • I have no idea who thought that will be a good idea to random cross/road and classes.
  • [Mod Edit - D], the most complicated, curved and tight tracks are in road S2 in winter Season. Good joke folks.
  • Not all cars have winter tyres
  • No championships in singleplayer
  • More grind like in Fh3. I never repeated race in Horizon 3 because i wanted to get something. In FH4 you need to grind to get Goliath, for example. You have a lot of cars taht you like? Grind skillchains
  • Getting more points in skillchains that 600k is pointless. You get 6000 xp points and 10 SP max
  • “Anything Goes” races should named “Anything vs Ford Focus, Audi TT and Chalenger”, seriously its nothing fun to being catched up by Ford Focus when u ride your Vulcan 430kmh+. We need more variety here!
  • Glitchers still on top in scoreboards. [Mod Edit - D]? Devs didnt know limitations of their own game? Im Software Developer too and i belive, that it can be blocked by software. D100 car and 500kmh+ dont seems to be stupid by Playground Games?
  • Season championships are boring. And that rewards, +5000kr? One super Wheelspin? Devs dont know their own game? 5000kr is nothing here. Why so many cross - championships there? Seriosly, even in ranked i played cross-events most, what the hell? I feel first expansion will be something like Rally in FH1 :v
  • Clubs have no sense. Where is in-club rank? Where is awards for getting exp for your club?
  • Forzathon Live not scaling. You can never end it up in 3 players or end all live in 3 minutes. It depends on how many players join it. You should scale tasks to end
  • Having cars in C, B classes are pointless because of lack of adventures with these classes

At all, for whole month of playing it looks like reskin of Forza Horizon 3. We get less content, more of them are the same as FH2. We get a little better graphics, seasons and drift tuning. Thats all. The rest of all are less. No community chalenges (in FH4 it calls like singleplayer missions for drift club, YT channel etc, you know what i mean), no championships (it makes single much shorter), you cant choose what you want to play in multiplayer. This game is step back, but i love to playing it, Thats why i posted my thoughts and i belive, devs will fix it in the future and FH5 will be finally something new. For now, its 6/10 for me. Its good, but we should get more.

I invite you to the discussion :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback.