Money you don't know what to do with? Commission a painter.

There are some painters out there willing to do commission work.

The following painter is working on something for me. I have more credits than I know what to do with, and a lot of times these painters do not spend a lot of time racing. so the Credits can help them buy more cars to paint liveries for. SBusAsCensored has been one of the few who volunteered to do a livery for me.

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Start buying random cars off the auction house that have high buyouts. boom problem solved lol.

I have the cars I want, except for the unreleased HE cars. And I enjoy doing the Forzathons as it gives me stuff to do that I wouldn’t normally bother with. I have also been saving wheelspins for the last month and probably have 250 saved.

So the HE cars, the Car Packs, The Expansion Cars, new Barn Finds and any cars from Forzathon are the only ones I’m interested in. I’ll have my 3rd Ford GT by the end of December. And I sold my original Nissan, so I’m getting it again this time around and keep it.

I’d rather spend the credits on custom liveries and help out other players. As honestly I think some of them are better than the “popular” ones like Vixen and do not get enough credit. It’s a Status Quo thing. I want to break it.

I’m one of a few who actually enjoy the Goliath Race Track. I use it to relax after a long day at work. I only get to drive my car for fun on the weekends because I’m so busy (great stress reliever). So I run Goliath to relax after work. Million credits a day. And I am tuning my Second Ford GT to produce better results on the track. I’m getting very close to having it done. So credits are not an issue for me, and I only use them to buy HE cars I don’t get from wheelspins. I have no interest in buying every car in the game. I won’t drive them all. But I will collect every one that Forzathon offers up for free with a little gameplay. :slight_smile:

Off Topic:
A lot of tuners prefer AWD. I disagree with AWD. AWD cars tend to plow in the turns unless you let off the gas pedal. My Ford GT, I can kick out the back end to make tight corners easy as pie without bleeding off too much speed to do it.

I’ve almost tuned the front end wheel-hop out of the car as well on Goliath.

Raceboy77 put an AWD tune on the Pagani Zonda. That car was so good stock. It really just needs a higher end top speed, some tire pressure adjustments and a couple of other small tweaks to run Goliath. It slaps the rev limiter hard on the straights, which means it’s geared too short. It’s got plenty of power to go faster.

The Ford GT on the other hand takes forever to hit the Rev Limiter. Meaning it’s gearing was too long for the power. Shortening those gears up a bit. and it reaches top speed on the straights faster without bouncing off the rev limiter.

I think Tuners short RWD cars. But I guess it all depends on what you are tuning for. Different tracks require different tunes.

True that. I’m horrible at painting on any forza game. I can do basic stuff like two tone paints and stripes that run along any part of the car. but images like anime, monster energy, stuff like that like what vixen does I cant do on forza. IRL I work with AUTOCAD 40 hours a week and design airports, roads, parking lots, etc… and I cant paint on forza for the life of me lol.

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Wow. Pretty cool of you to go out of your way to start a conversation like this, Critical. I appreciate it.

For me, the credits and recognition from the competitions are great, but I just enjoy what T10 has done by bringing the paint booth into the Forza games. It’s even more meaningful when I see that people like the results. It was requests like yours that brought about the Daijiro Kato / Shoei hatchbacks in FM3 (pictured in my signature and resurrected for FH3) and before that, a Nitro-themed Nissan Fairlady Z, along with a few others.

So yeah, I guess I am a painter for hire. If there is suitable reference material to work from, I’m more than willing to give almost anything a shot. If it looks to be beyond my capabilities, I’ll let you know. But more often than not, the more complicated stuff will just take more time than anything. I’m a father with a full-time job, for which I’m on call 24/7. All I ask for is a little patience.

Again, thank you for posting this, Critical. It means a lot.

When we were doing the BBTD garage it was all request work and it really helped me get better as painter. It was all for free as well so we got real busy real quick. lol.
Things like Gundam had me hitting the layer limits and then having to learn how to economise. The Need for Speed replica i did placed in a Turn 10 competition, and it was so good people started ripping it off to release those “genuine original work” dragon vinyls. That’s what killed the auction house and storefronts the first time around. If you see something you think has been ripped off or is totally inappropriate then report it guys.
Remember this game is rated for 3 up and as such should be family friendly.

Between keeping things clean and attitudes like SBusAsCensored’s the community spirit of this game can get back to how it used to be. We’re not they’re yet, but things like this are the way we get there!
Props to SBusAsCensored for his work and CriticalmassZ for highlighting this work and starting a conversation here about it.

My only wish is that we get gifting back in some form. I still remember those vinyl cars covered in logo’s that saved me loads of time with a couple of replica’s. lol.

Having the ability to gift cars and vinyls again would be awesome!!! And I couldn’t agree more on the logo cars!!!

Those Mini’s had a couple of vinyl’s i was really having trouble replicating. Think i added a few of my own in the end to return the favour. I literally spent 3 months on a Guiness logo because i wasn’t happy with how the S’s came out! lol