Mods that shouldn't make lap times dirty

Why in world would the “Dare” mod “Sim Damage” make lap times dirty? All it does is give you a 20% credit boost for having Sim damage turned on. It does not modify your vehicle in any way or give any advantage what so ever.

I imagine that the hood and bumper cams dare mods are the same, but haven’t tried them because I don’t like those camera angles.

Any others that you have found that unnecessarily make lap times dirty?

Just another thing that makes me shake my head with this game. I love it, but man come on, common sense.

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Regardless of what mod card is used, if you use them, your lap times will go beneath all other lap times, including dirty laps.

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I understand that, but there is nothing about this mod that would dirty a lap. It’s not a mod that decreases or increases braking/grip/weight. It just gives a credit bonus for having sim damage.

Unless there is some hidden change that it makes to your car itself that we can’t see, common sense would say that it has no effect and should not dirty a lap.

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Thanks for that reminder!! Was wondering why my times weren’t showing up.

I understand what you are saying but it would probably be more work to have to go through each mod to see which dont provide and advantage and which do. More work more room for mistakes as well, instead they just decided to dirty all the lap-times regardless of if it actually aids you or not. Just remove the mod when you are going to hot-lap. Its not like credits are hard to come by anyways…

It would be nice to get those extra credits and a clean leaderboard time, maybe it was easier to just code “Mod? Yes. Dirty lap.” than vary it, or maybe this was part of a gameplay setup forcing the player to choose between clean lap times or extra credits.

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I have also wondered why such Mods would dirty a lap. If you ask me, dare, affinity and credits Mods shouldn’t dirty a lap as they don’t affect performance of the car itself.

Max, I think your post probably hit the nail on the head as to why all Mods cause dirty laps. Sounds like a sensible explanation to me.