Mods for online races

One of the things thats always bugged me a little about online races in forza is the amount of credits awarded for online races. Take the endurance hopper for example once you take into consideration load and lobby times your only completing about two races an hour (if your lucky not to get disconnected) and you only get a maximum of 50,000 credits per race. That’s quite poor in comparison to a single player race with mods and ai bonuses added.

An idea that I think could work in increasing credits and helping to promote clean racing at the same time is implementing mods, or just bonuses in general, for online races. Not all of them for example the ones where you have to finish in top 3 or 1st are obviously a bad idea, as it would just promote bad driving to get to the front. However some of the other ones like good and perfect passes/ corners and staying on track for a lap, which could also be expanded to multiply by every clean lap/ completed, I think could actually help promote clean racing and give a little boost to credits earned. They could also create new ones like when sim damage is on receiving no damage for a race.


Great idea :bulb: Give players who driving clean race, position no matter, 50000credits bonus or so. Make one mod lobby for testing.

The people who race dirty are not doing it for CR, they’re doing it because they want to ruin your day.

While I like the idea of some Mods being used in Multiplayer they’re not going to solve that game mode’s fundamental problems.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not naive enough to think it will stop people who come in just to wreck others, nothing’s going to stop them apart from a proper penalty system but we all know that’s not going to happen. There are some people though that don’t mind cutting corners and nudging people off it may stop some of them, even if it only stops a few it’s an improvement.

Even if we cant penalize the bad driver, reward at least the good driver.


I agree with you on this, however I don’t think Mods are the answer.

That being said, I don’t think Turn 10 consider Multiplayer cleanliness a priority, so we’re stuck with what we have.

Support. As said, some people who are there to race, but aren’t averse to cutting the odd corner or giving the odd nudge for a position, may drive that much cleaner if they’d get a credit boost for doing so.

Every single day this is posted since forza 3… not ever going to happen…its an arcade sim with kids playing it… it is what it is… you need to get by it and accept it and change your game to deal with it… there will never be moderators watching and penalizing…go playba real sim or a pay subscription service like iracing if you want 98 percent better racing…

Did you even read my original post, I said increased credits for mods in multiplayer may improve online racing as a by product. Don’t think I ever mentioned penalizing people and no idea why your bringing up me wanting sim racing.

We all know wreckers are wreckers and nothing but a ban hammer will stop them ( FYI give me that hammer cause I could swing it all day but I digress) but I agree with the op, I think this is a great idea. Do I expect to ever see it implemented? No, not the least. But it’s still a great idea for those of us clean racers. Great idea op, you got my vote.

Great idea, Grid 2 and autosport did offer something similar in the player rating system, it was small rewards but in any MP session you could see everyone’s rating entering the lobby, all yellow or red run for the hills green or white espect clean races.
What they also did was car damage to loaner cars cost you money at the end of the race, saw sooo many people dive online crash like idiots and wonder why they were in debt, that and an incremental damage impediment to your own cars (EG smash the car up and it’ll lose performance over time even if you repaired it it never returned to 100%).
Sadly CodeMasters blew it by dumping all support before fixing the car upgrades (they make no performance change whatsoever)…
T10 do at least SEEM to be listening but like Codies before them seem to have recurring issues from one game to the next (like those in FH3 on PC repeated in FM7). Possibly a game engine issue but I have no idea.
Soz waffling there…
Back on track, I like this suggestion of rewarding clean racers but as I discovered in Autosport it won’t eradicate the aggressive numpties who will do anything to win or just wanna cause chaos, Nothing will do that though sadly…
Will it be added? Dunno but we CAN hope so…