Modified car in Livery File pic

Sure this has been answered already but… how do I get my Livery file pic to show my modified car ?? Thanks

I want to know this too!

In FH3 I had to make my final save in the paint shop to get the file image to show the modified image, but it doesn’t help in FH4.

Hi Kool, I made a GUIDE for this in FH3 & it still works in Horizon 4. It was quite detailed so that brand new players could follow it step by step but the basic principle is you need to have the custom parts loaded onto your car before you save your design onto it. I personally always layout my cars without any customisation and once I’m happy with it I’ll apply different parts from the CUSTOM UPGRADES tab and adjust the layout accordingly.

Then I create a duplicate design file (from a completely stock car) which will be the one that gets shared with the required parts (using the method in the guide).

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks :+1:t2: Will give this a try - I have been upgrading the car THEN paint the car and save design - will give your steps a try :+1:t2: Thanks again for the assistance :ok_hand:t2:

Interesting Midnyte. Your process is the opposite of mine … and when I share my paints, the modifications show in the thumbnail every time. I always select wheels and all body kits and part mods before ever starting my paints. I also always make sure to rename the paint file something unique instead of the default ‘Forza Livery’. Then I just go ahead and paint the cars and share them. Mods are shown every time in the thumbnail.

Note - The process I describe above works for me when buying a car and starting from scratch. It may be a bit different if you get a car from the auction house that already has a tune or a paint on it.

Yeah I’m with you Wildcat :slightly_smiling_face:
After I wrote that guide I had a few people share their processes but the thing we all had/have in common is the highlighted part of your quote… that’s what makes it work - the initial ‘save to current car’ needs the parts on first.

Does this guide work with the Crown Vic? I couldn’t get the lights to show up, and the police cars on the other cars made by other people also have no lights on them.

Even though the Crown Vic shows up in my Livery Pic as a police car it doesn’t show up like that on my HUB.

Are you sure Aqua???

I just had a look at your HUB and all 3 of your Crown Vic designs are showing with Forza rear wing, front bars & light bar on the roof. :thinking:

Great! Something must have changed since I last checked them.

Yes just checked, and they are working now.