Model Track Set options of the 70s/80s

Electric Car Track sets and Train sets would have the ability to merge multiple sets together to create one gigantic set or mini sets for years of enjoyment. This feature set in motion a passion and love for driving, racing, and many careers in the automotive industry. Many have even pulled in family and friends to teach upon ones passion that has spanned decades to allow community’s to be filled with like minded passioneers.

With the technology that has been learned, developed, and harnessed within Forza Motorsports, It has everything but that old 70’s feature. You can customize cars from A-Z. Set Rain and fog to almost snow cold. It even changes weather patterns on the go. With the accessibility options we can share a past time with those young and old.

A Fictional race test track you can generate multiple chicanes, short curve, long curve, sweeping curve that could lemans then back to chicanes. Just like the electric track set pieces. With the fps issues that a track editor would create, just leave that editor in horizon. Just the ability to ai generate the pieces that have been selected (freeplay does this by the input of specific parameters for vehicles within fractions of a second) for a “Tuners Track” to develop and harness (like a class E on Mugello, it’s going to take 2 min to get back to that corner you need to perfect) the cars, skills, or technic needed to race around the other tracks supplied.

In 2024 I’m sure those that can remember such a time or possibly still continue to engage in teaching, driving, or plain having fun would add more to a community.