Mod Selling Question/Suggestion

I have a few rare Mods now, and I foolishly chose the “don’t show this message anymore” when selling them. So now, a quick, accidental swipe of X vs. A will result in my rare Mod being sold for pennies.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to reinstate that message easily?
    B. Who do I send a suggestion for “locking” important Mods to at T10?

I’m thinking along the lines of the Destiny weapon locking, where you click the right stick on ones you want to lock and it won’t let you accidentally dismantle/sell them unless you first unlock them. I think this would be greatly appreciated and used by many, and I don’t feel like it would likely be that hard to implement. Or at very least, you could make it like Burn Cards in Titanfall, where you have to pull two buttons to sell it. In TF’s case, it’s the two triggers, which seems to work well.

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Dont think you can reinstate the message, and all game suggestions should go in the feature wishlist.