Mixer Influence Bar Won't Go Away

Ever since the update Tuesday, I’m having a bug where the Mixer influence bar appears when I return to the game after I’ve been streaming FH4 on my PC, to show I’ve gained a new Mixer “level”, but then it doesn’t disappear. It stays in the center-bottom of my screen forever. It disappears if you enter the festival or a house, but reappears as soon as you leave.

The only way to “fix” it is a complete restart of the game.

Please fix it. Being able to return to the game without that massive initial loading time is great, but now it’s almost impossible unless I either want to stop streaming the game, or don’t want this bar on my screen at all times.

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Please submit a ticket here and if you could include a video capture (your stream VOD link would also help if it shows the issue) that would be helpful.


For what it’s worth, I’m having the same exact problem/situation. You’re not alone. I’m playing on a standard Xbox One.

Having the same issue as well.


I was as well late last week. I was getting it everytime I turned on my xbox one

A cold reboot fixed the issue for me. (shutdown, unplug from wall, wait 15 or so seconds, plug back in, start xbox console back up).

I have not had a repeat of this issue since the cold reboot.

NOTE: If this solution works for others, then this is a good example of how discussion of issues can result in People Helping People.

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luckeydoug1, have you leveled up in either Mixer or Skills since then?

I will check tonight. ( I have been at max level on Mixer for quite awhile.)

Same issue. Noticed that I also don’t get any notifications for Forzathon goals when this happens. I’ve been able to resolve it by starting a race and suddenly all of the past completed daily goals appear and the Mixer progress bar is gone after exiting the race.

Please submit a ticket with a screenshot of this issue.