Missions Complete! achievement stuck at 99%

Losing more hope with each day…

Still at 99% :confused: I’m sure they will fix it, but since it doesn’t affect new players, it will be released whenever the next patch comes out.

Wouldn’t hold my breath though :frowning:

Finished the DLC today. 50 miles on horizon tour was my final milestone to get achievement, but it didn’t pop, when I rich it. Same as yall, got all completed, but what I discovered, I have 154/155 missions completed through HOT WHEELS badge from maingame. But when Im in expansion all on 100%.
Its just frustrating.


The next update will be most likely around a week from now (just before Series 11), so we can only hope they’ll address it then. I stopped hoping for a hotfix at this point.

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Why oh why is there no comment from you guys on this?

The entire gaming industry does this about bugs. It’s like “Fight Club” or something, there are some topics that simply do not get any comment whatsoever. Even IOI, who are better than others, never ever mention the punch glitch in “Hitman” (to be fair not sure I’ve had it in 3). Square Enix/Nixxes refused to comment on a game-breaking bug in “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, then (eventually) repeatedly simply said it had been fixed when it hadn’t.

Only Re-Logic as far as I can tell actually handle their customers in the correct manner.

You guys know that missing bits on playlists - yes, the world keeps turning, I know - irritates your customers yet you do nothing and say nothing.

This 99%, I only have confidence that it’s going to get fixed as it’s Gamerscore and that’s a fairly big Xbox thing.

Why is there this “Do Not Talk About Fight Club” thing in the industry?

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