missing tier 6 reward car

i’ve got a problem with my Tier rewards. I worked through to tier 6. yesterday noon it Shows up 5.502 Points. i went to the redeem page and redeemed the additional Money. Everything fine, so far. Yesterday evening i startet fh2 for the first time, i played through the first parts of the game until i was able to buy cars and could recive messages. i’ve checked my inbox and got several messages: 1 for 1m credits, 1 for 500k credits, and four for the tier 2 - tier 5 cars. but i havn’t got the tier 6 reward.

has anyone an idea, why i didn’t get the reward?

You needed to be at the corresponding tier before you started the game.

What tier were you before you played FH2?

as i wrote before, i startet playing fh2 yesterday in the evening. So, i was on Tier 6 before playing the game for the first time

This thread is supposed to be where all issues are posted.

I received some things before others so if you are/were entitled you should get them patience is a virtue :slight_smile: