Missing textures still haven't been added, WHY?

As the title says, it’s been a while since the Mitsubishi car pack was added and they’re still missing textures. I also noticed the Corvette stingrays rear exhausts aren’t attached to anything, i mean come on guys this is amateur work.

I believe the reasons for this would be down to the fact that they’re not as important as patching glitches and exploits, fixing parts of the game that were (and some still are) completely broken to the point that portions of the game were unplayable for some people. Implementing new features and stories. I’m sure the gaming community would be more than happy to hear that the devs stopped working on the wall riding and ramming in multiplayer so they could work on a couple of exhausts on the Corvette Stingray… smh

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It’s not just those cars though, a good chunk of the cars in this game have missing textures, wrong body parts, missing wings and incorrect rim style.