Missing Points

10th series - Got all 63 points in Summer and Autumn and then started Winter today…but found out that 7 points of my HW challenges in Summer vanished…and the pictures of the challenges are grey, as if they have not been completed! Anybody knows what is going on?

Hot Wheel trials are always greyed out on mainland

More than likely the dailies your missing

Once they’re done in HW they should still go gold in Mainland.

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They were all done…got all 63 points…then I have completed the next “station”, 63 points also…and then today when I started Winter the HW challenges became greyed as if they were not completed…and the related points were taken from my total!
I really don’t know what to do to get my points back…have restarted the game, restarted my Xbox but nothing came back :pensive:

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Had the same issue with last weeks playlist.
Lost the 7 points as well but redid them after the weekend save glitch and they stayed put - and in gold in normal playlist.
might be the same issue again though I haven’t bothered to do them yet.