Missing Milestone rewards

Playing on Xbox.
My son was 2nd player on split screen. After a few races, he had gone up 2 levels in milestones but when he switched to 1 player to claim his rewards, it showed the level he had attained but the rewards tab read “no rewards available at this time”. I don’t know if this is a known issue for split screen but, it looks like he got screwed. Is there anything he can do to get his cars/credits?

The same happened to me yesterday. Is this a bug?

The same happened to me and my girl. Is there anything i can do to get our Reward back?

Playing on XBox One X.
Same issue here. Big disappointment for my son, didn’t get 4 rewards due to this issue after a fun afternoon of racing each other. This needs to be fixed ASAP as this situation really ends up penalizing player 2.

This may sound like a dumb question but are you signing into Player 2’s account when you switch to single player?



Yes. After the races player 1 collects the reward, then we quit Forza and started it up again on the player 2 account. No rewards there.
I also notice after earning a Milestone Reward as player 2 I not only did not get the reward, but it took away 2 rewards I had previously saved for later.

it was fix in last update.

Thanks OssTo3! We’ll try it out tonight.