Missing Designs

Anyone have designs that aren’t appearing in their Forza 5 designs when you look to import to 6?
I have an Aston Martini livery and I can’t find it?
Maybe the car isn’t in 6?

This car?

:confused: Can’t say that I’ve had this issue. If I were you I would just save each side as a vinyl group and import that way. Hope this helps.

The cars definitely in the game.

OldSchool, I had the same problem transfering my from FH2 Zagato design, it didn’t show up in the designs I could transfer. So just did what Ace suggested, made layer groups of each side, transfered them into F6 and applied them to the Zagato

Thanks guys. I’ll break it down and bring it over; has me wondering if there’s more I haven’t noticed.

Now that I think on it, there’s a Corvette design not showing up either, but I do have it already broke down. There is weirdness about…

This game has been having some odd problems, I don’t even want to go into my issue I’m having.