missing bonus cars

So the subaru that was supposed to be a gift for those who played enough of the demo (I completed all races with all three cars) and the GameStop preorder Superleggera are nowhere to be found in my game. I entered the code on the receipt but still no dice. Having a blast regardless, just curious if there’s a bug or if I missed something.

On a sidenote, some of the in-car view reflections are rendered quite unfortunately (the steering wheel reflection on the VW Bus, for one, looks like it belongs on playstation 1) and my Subaru BRZ and Nissan Silvia S13 sound nearly identical, which I don’t believe they should? Not sure about the rest, I only have a dozen cars at the moment.

Just give it some time. It’s launch day, thousands upon thousands of people are getting the game and going online all at the same time. MEchberg made a thread stating they are having some technical issues they are working on fixing.

I’m still waiting on the Tier Reward cars but I’m sure within a day or two everything will be running better.

Hope so cause my Subaru is nowhere to be found not is my tier 6 cars I was supposed to get :frowning: