Missing achievement

I completed 4 laps on Goliath last night in FE car. the no achievement popped anyone else having the same issue?

Yeah I had the same problem, I had to try a different fe cars before it popped, I also had to use someone else’s blueprint.

I replied to a similar post, there must be an issue with the description of the achievement or something. Just do 3 laps of goliath with a FE car

edit: I did 5 laps in the alpha FE and failed, 3 laps in the Bentley fe and it unlocked

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i am having an issue with ground force, I was trying for the overachiever achievement in a ford racing truck and got 7 feet shy of it, but it was my first time 3 starring this danger sign but the achievement didn’t pop. is there only one or two trucks this will pop for

It’s the unimog or the 2 semis. Sort the vehicles by championship and the one you are after is just “trucks”.

I got the achievement in a unimog

I got the ground force achievement with the Volvo semi truck fully upgraded.