MisshiftCelica's Paint Drop - Motul Motor Oil Honda CRX Mugen DONE

This is were I post cars with color on them…

Evasive Honda S2000

BoostLogic Toyota Supra

Motul Motor Oil Honda Civic Type R

Motul Motor Oil Honda CRX Mugen

MCR Demo Car Nissan R35 GTR

Love the S2000, I have a similar colour scheme for mine, but it’s definitely a WIP and I don’t know where to go next.

Great work

We crave more! Oh and a Stevenson camaro also!

You always have some great stuff mate and I can’t wait to see more of your creativity. Good job so far.

looking good, really like th Evasive S2000 :slight_smile:

Nice work mate :wink:

Started to bust this out in the booth as soon as I walked in the door, hoping to have it done for tonight or tomorrow.

So stay tuned in…

Looks GREAT so far!

Looking good, that’s a funky little car there! I can’t wait to see it complete.

Exactly what I was going to do lol after my Buick never mind saves me a job :slight_smile:

Update, So I cant keep my eyes open (work sucks) started to make a few little mistakes, So I figured I would stop for the night and start up again tomorrow and finish the CRX (just a few logos)
Here is the car as it sits now.

C+C Welcomed

CRX coming tigether nicely :slight_smile:

love the boost logic supra the logo is so detail good job the crx is looking good to

Looking great mate, the Mugen logo looks very nice, I can’t wait to rip this around the track. I like it a lot!

The CRX is looking good so far, I will have to grab it when its done

Motul CRX is done and up for all for want it.

Search for MisshiftCelica Motul Honda CRX JDM Oil

Enjoy folks… Hope y’all like it

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Looks cool mate great little car that :wink:

CRX is looking good, will have to scoop this one up today.

T’is a beaute mate! I am gonna’ give this one a go. Great job here.

Thx for the paint, love it.