Miss Shifting with Manual/C

Is there a known issue with shifting when using manual with clutch?

I’m using the Fanatec clubsport V3 pedels with the Fanatec Clubsport 1.5 shifter.

When driving the Mercedes 190E, I am having issues when shifting to 3rd, it selects 1st? Is this a glitch or simulated damage?

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upgrade the clutch and you can get back to the shifting you remember

That sounds like a calibration issue. I personally haven’t had any issues with proper gear selection.

They removed the ability to flat foot shift from controller and wheel users, as it was considered an exploit. Shift time can be improved a little with clutch upgrades, but a race transmission is required to shift fast. You have to convince yourself to shift like a Sunday morning to not gear grind otherwise.

If you drive an automatic car like a new Audi RS5 with manual w/o clutch setting, the shifting is very crisp with stock transmission and clutch.

I am worried that the unnatural shift timing (which appears to start the delay from when the gear is selected and not when the shifting motion starts) will cause me to damage my real cars transmission, even on Sunday morning. Even shifting properly, gas off → clutch in → shift gears → clutch out + apply gas at right time still randomly causes transmission damage and starts a vicious cycle of even less predictable shifting that wrecks the transmission in under 10 miles.

Worse, in game I have missed a shift completely (got 1st instead of 3rd) and did less “damage”.

Sorry, I’m not very familiar with the topic. I personally use a pad, do you think it is a possible disadvantage when competing in competitive online?

Upgrade the clutch and transmission both to race and you can flat shift like we used to do, you can’t do that as good in real life with a stock box and clutch.

So the more I look at this I think there is a couple of things going on.

  1. Shifting with clutch is a bit broken. The way the clutch engages is different from car to car and from upgrade to upgrade. Also the throw of the clutch pedal is calibrated weird in game. Dunno exactly…but something is wrong.

  2. I think damaged gearboxes do misshift, but due to the overall weirdness of the clutch in the game, this can feel like a glitch. (Which it still could be.)

Also, upgrading the gearbox for seamless shifting doesn’t fix the underlying issue, it just mitigates it due to the seamless shifting.