Mini JCW '12 - SV '16 - Golf '10 - Taxi - Limo - Cayenne '18 - Raptor '11 - SL65 FE - NSX-R - etc.


I am cleaning out my garage. I often have more than one of each listed car.
Price is decreasing if you buy more than one in a “single trade”.
I you want to take A LOT of them, I will make you a sweet bulk price to be sure you will at least double your “investment”.

Be sure to know how to quickly buy a car: Y DOWN A A on Xbox / Y DOWN ENTER ENTER on PC
If I tell you I reached maximum listing of the day, I am not scamming you. I will message you like 1h later to retry and see if the cool down has been lifted.
A lot of people are getting sniped recently. I do my best to find you another one and list it again without extra CRs. Sometimes, when it’s my last car, I can’t do much so I often offer a replacement car for free.

Here is the list of the available cars:

Ariel Atom - LAST ONE
Austin Taxi
Cadillac limo
Ford Raptor 11
Honda nsx-r 05
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT - LAST ONE
Lamborghini Aventador SV
Lamborghini Aventador FE (free with a SV if you want)
Lotus Elise 05 - LAST ONE
Mercedes-Benz SL65 FE - LAST ONE
Mini John Cooper Works GP - LAST ONE
Nissan Skyline gtr v-spec II - LAST ONE
Pontiac Firebird trans 73 - LAST ONE
Porsche Cayenne 18 - LAST ONE
VW Golf R 10

Chevrolet ZR2 - SOLD OUT
Chevrolet Camaro z28 - SOLD OUT
Dodge SRT Demon - SOLD OUT
Ford Crown - SOLD OUT
Ford Cobra R 93 - SOLD OUT
Ford XB falcon - SOLD OUT
Hoonigan Hoonicorn V2 - SOLD OUT
Hummer H1 - SOLD OUT
Mercedes-Benz E63 - SOLD OUT
Porsche GT3 RS 19 - SOLD OUT
Subaru WRX 04 - SOLD OUT

You can make me your offers/ask for a bulk price directly via my gamertag “Leop Cu Fish”.


Bump !

So, let me start with this. If you are asking 15-20 mil each on these, the I would not like to do that offer. I don’t have enough.

But, you had mentioned “bulk purchases” so I will have to see your price point on that.

If possible, I would like to try and purchase:
•Mini John Cooper Works


It will not even reach 15mil for all of those I am pretty sure.

Messaged you.

Interested in the Hoonigan Hoonicorn V2, Hummer H1 and maybe the Chevrolet ZR2 for a friend

What would be the bulk price of the Austin Taxi, Chevrolet ZR2, Cadillac Limo, Ford Crown Victoria, and the Hummer H1? Send your message to my GT: MarioMario9876.

Hey! I’ve been trying to get my hands on a ZR2 as it’s whst I drive in real life and really want one.

My game tag is Natebart775. I can offer cash and some rare cars you can sell

Austin Taxi if you still have it

Replied to everybody directly on Xbox. Approximately 15 cars sold already.

Get yours today !

Austin Taxi
Ford Crown Vic
Honda NSX-R 2005
Hummer H1
Lotus Elise 111S
VW Golf R 2010

Still have these?

I have everything and messaged you on Xbox.

hey.iam buying the cadillac caddy limo!!

Answered to everybody on Xbox. Updated the post:

  • ZR2 is sold out
  • added how to quick buy
  • added info about the “reached maximum listing” cool down

I just want to vouch for this guy, i’ve bought an E63 and a Crown Vic from him. He’s super nice and has good prices, both transactions went super smooth and were rather quick. I would recommend buying from this guy any day

Legit seller, just got my '04 wrx

Cancelled request

What would be your price for just the Austin Taxi?

Legit seller, fair prices, very pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend buying his cars.


Do you still have the E63?

How much for golf r 2010 and if possible e63 and 2004 stu