MINI Hatchback 2000-2008

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Mini Hatchback

This model has appeared in Forza as the

  • 2003 MINI Cooper S (FM1-FM4)


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  • Hatchback
  • Convertible
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Which model do you prefer?

  • One
  • Cooper
  • Cooper S
  • JCW GP Kit
  • Diesel (One/D)
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Mini Cooper S R53 Mk1

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Why hasn’t this car been impemented yet, the R53 is a legendary trackcar in the UK where Playground games is based…

These little Scoopers are amazing! The supercharger whine on a car like this plus the awesome handling make them great fun!


I had an R53 for a while. Had a 15% supercharger pulley and a true CAI with a silicone hose that was sealed off from the hot engine bay and pulled air from the cowl right in front of the driver.

I got such horrible fuel economy with that car. I basically went everywhere with it flooored just to hear the supercharger whine. Haha.

And the thing was tons of fun to throw around corners as well. Too bad they’re such horribly unreliable cars with such expensive parts.

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You basically named the reasons why I was looking to get one and the reasons why I didn’t get one there haha! That plus the way the plastic looks in the interior.

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Previous owner apparently never changed the oil in the supercharger gearbox, so it started eating itself shortly after I bought it. $3k in parts later (supercharger, water pump, supercharger pulley, CAI, and the fancy supercharger oil) it was a fun car.

Until the power steering went. Don’t even get me started on even FINDING the right power steering fluid. Yeah. Just the fluid. I had to drive most of the way across DFW (a metro area of over 6.5 million people; thankfully I don’t live there, or even in that state any more) to get to an auto parts store that had it in stock.

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