What car do you own that has the most miles… and go

Definitely the RR Wraith that chased RBW Triton around brands hatch for a month.

Mine is an 02 camaro with 3,239 miles.

I haven’t checked stats on many of my cars, though my Ariel Atom has over 900 miles, and my Caterham Superlight has over 850 miles, according to their in-car odometers. Those two, along with the 1995 Corvette ZR-1, are the only cars with in-car odometers large enough for me to read them. I have driven over 59,000 miles in FM6, mostly in Showcase events.

I retire cars after affinity is maxed, but would assume a Mazda cosmo is mine. Ran that car a bunch to get top 5 and higher times the first few months of game. Mazda is my #1 affinity by like 1000 miles. Lol.

I do the same thing. I have 46 manufacturers at 25 now and if I had to say which car has the most mileage on it, I would have to say the lotus grand prix.

I will have to check as this made me curious but I assume my highest mile car is the Cuda because I used it for a league with pretty long races. Between the qualifying sessions, races and practicing I can’t imagine I have a car with more miles than it.

Yep, mine is the 70 Camaro from Trans Am, somewhere around 2000 miles i believe

1968 Dodge Dart Hemi. Love that car. I have just over 4,356 miles on it.

My nascar is building up that miles real fast with the endurance lobby

I have a 2016 Miata with 6227 miles. That car has redefined the term “go-to” for me, as I literally use it for everything