Mikke's FM5 Gallery \ / 5 Random Photos + Edit \ / 21/09


Newbies to Pros!


Mini Collections

Welcome to my gallery of FM5 photos!

None of my shots are edited or enhanced unless stated!


Winning Shots

PhotocompW (First win!)

InFocusWk9 Win

PhotocompAA Win

PhotocompAE Win

Not Announced…
PhotocompAG Win

PhotocompAH Win

First Ever and Probably Worst Set!

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Nice that you have a gallery now!

You have some pretty cool shots,my favorites are the ones of the Corvette and the Kia Cee’d =)

Thanks, I quite like the ‘cartoon’ like effect too!

InFocusWk9 Entries! Wish me luck!

Some scenic shots of Long Beach!
If you enjoy, I may do other tracks!

PhotoCompX Entries!
Wish me luck!

Good start on your gallery!

PhotocompY Entries!
Wish Me Luck!

Some older pics!

Wow. Some stunning work. The second to last photo on your first post is quality. So many of the others as well.

Thank you!

Sorry for the lack of posts, hopefully these make up for it!

great pics in this group!

Very nice. I really like the Nissan GTR shots.

And a quick tip. I would recommend hosting these photos on Flickr instead of Imgur. On Flickr, they are free and they are higher quality.

Love this!


Congrats for the selection too.

I like your b&w tires shot too. Nicely done.

Thanks for the tips and feedback!

I’m always a sucker for shots like this. You have some great composition in alot of these photos, as well!

Thanks very much!